Hello all.

One of the keys to the growth of United Prosperity is getting our name out there, whether it be through blogs, journalists, or friends. We would love to hear any perspective or ideas on how to improve our efforts with this. To start, how did you all hear about United Prosperity? Knowing this could be valuable in terms of focusing our efforts going forward. Thanks!


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This week I received the first repayment of loan guarantees from United Prosperity!!! This is a MAJOR milestone for United Prosperity. I thank all involved who made this happen! Needless to say I used the returned money straight away to make more guarantees.


Surely this is something that can be used in marketing for UP!
Hi Andreas,

Agree this is really a major milestone for us. Several guarantors have come back and relent their guarantees. Some have added new funds as well.

We have returned nearly $20,000 and we are looking forward to a spurt in new guarantors signing up.


Coming up in the next few weeks is the Commonwealth games held in Delhi. Teams from many countries will travel to India and coverage of the sport will be major news on countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Expect a more than usual level of interest about India in the next month.

Reasonable chance then a human interest and feel good story about India will be run in the media and I think UP could fit this category. Any ideas on how this could be done?
Grant - This is a great idea.. I think we can do something around this theme.
Commonwealth games are from 3rd to 14th Oct. So to begin with we can reach out to print/electronic media to publish articles about UP.

1.We can also engage some volunteers and disburse handouts/ flyers outside the venues.

2.At high level, we can approach the sponsors and request them to provide some space on their website or at least allow us to put some small banner/poster if possible. Though this will require lot of field work/ follow ups etc.

3.We can reach out to registration/ assistance desks and sell the goodies ( UP T-Shirts, Calendars,Caps, though this too involve lot of field work + some funding)

I was thinking of a multi-national approach. Already the Australians are getting ads showing their sports teams and preparing their viewers for hours of TV broadcast every day from India. There will be foreign media traveling to India with the country getting far more interest and coverage than as usual, and the same goes for New Zealand and several other countries sending athletes.

A hand out of pamphlets will work out at venues. In other countries, contacting journalists with our message could lead to publicity. The media have a lot of space to fill and positive messages about the host country are often covered.
How about writing a press release focussing on 'everlasting giving' describing the complete circle of providing guarantees - loans - impact -repayment and using quotes from some of our dedicated guarantors around the world? This would bring out the international connection, and may be of interest to foreign media

What is the best way to contact journalists in other countries who'd be interested on writing about India and UP?
Viral marketing:

I just saw this internet site
Where people can upload a picture and win an iphone.
Picture and text is reposted to the users facebookpage
and their friends votes for best picture

Could it be possbile to make a similar project where people postet their favourite loan on
on a special place on the UP site and then repost to their facebookpage ?
or something similar ? hmm just thinking loud...
or a picture of the user and a text why they choose to lend trough UP ?
this page needs an update in almost every way

http://www.kiva.org/do-more has some nice banners
maybee somebody could make some nice banners for United Prosperity?
Hi Sverre,

We are working on it right now.



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