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Inviting friends

BUG? does it work ?
First of all, my full email adress apears in the field in front of @ gmail
so my email seems to be @ gmail

I have tried to invite some friends, ans also posted an invite to my own email.
I didnt receive an invite in my email

Has anyone gotten this to work ?
i am using a screen resolution 1920 x 1080 , my screen is 24".
on the frontpage
the button "virtous Circle" appears on the line under the button "Alleviate Poverty"
At the moment there is 10 loans on the site,
i like it when there is about that number on the site , (and not to many more)
so that visible progress is beeing made on the loans
Now they all fit nice onto one webpage
On which browsers and operating system do you see this issue?
Firefox, windows Vista
Sverre -- This works. Did your friend receive the email?
no, and i have tested to send to 2 different gmail adresses that i have
nothing is coming trough
and nothing in the spam box either
i just now received the email,
it took about 48 hours !!!!!
The emails had got stuck because a couple of sent emails were blocking the rest of the emails. We are looking into the reason why the emails got stuck.
why do one have to also input email adress for Redeem the Gift Certificate ?

If i send a GC to a friend, couldt it not appear automatic on ???
Could / should there bee two buttons on the frontpage
one buy giftcard and one redeem giftcard?
It currently involves a lot og clicktrough to redeem a Giftcard for a new user which is unfamilar with the website
Hi Sverre,

Thanks. We have added this to the feature pipeline.



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